Pidapipó started as a game between a nonno and his nipote. An unconditional bond that extended from following finger movements in the air to worldly lessons and traditions passed down. A passion for italian culture, food and a sweet tooth remained.

Now, forget everything you know about gelato.

After years of experience in melbourne’s best restaurants, Lisa Valmorbida travelled to Carpigiani gelato university to learn from the world’s best. From here, recipes were tried and tested, evolved and perfected. She visited her family’s hometown vicenza, where she first experienced real gelato with her nonno.

Lisa returned home ready for the next chapter in her story: her own gelateria. The finest ingredients, handmade each day. Stored in stainless steel pozzetti - the only italian way.

Part kitchen, part retail store. Watch as she crafts the perfect gelato, while you pick your favorite flavour.


Pidapipó Gelateria
299 Lygon Street , Carlton 3053
Telephone (03) 9347 4596


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